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Acquisition: 32 channels parallel
Capable of operating indoors and tracking signals down to -157dBm (-187dBW)
2005 new technology
Auto On-Off function (patented)
10-12 hours operating on full charged battery
Easy place, easy use

total solution GPS receiver with Bluetooth wireless
transmitting ability, designed based on RFMD indoor high sensitivity
GPS architecture with new generation GPS
with patented auto ON-OFF function. Once
you place it in your car, you do not need to care it again.
When you switch your car on, it is ON automatically.
When you switch your car OFF, it is OFF too.
We make wireless different from what you know before.
Furthermore, the EASY-PLACE has your unit stay still in your car
no matter how sharp you turn your car or how sudden you stop your car.
You can also easily take it away for outdoors use.