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6.5"car DVD/GPS/mobile hands free/touch screen
Compatible:DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/8cm discs
Built-in TV,AM/FM receiver and amplifier
AUX connector for other audio source
Connection for backing reviewing radar function
Muti-channel auto EQ setting
Motorize display angle adjustment and screen position memory
ESP function 
Electronic anti-shock,Screen position memory
Motorized display angle adjustment
Multi-channel auto-EQ setting
Picture adjustment (brightness, contrast, color)
PAL/NTSC TV system (SECAM optional)
Dolby digital, DTS, Dolby Pro II surrounds
DVD/VCD/CD changer control
Real time display,CCD camera input
Volume/treble/bass/balance/fader controls
GPS Navigation System (optional)
with bluetooth mobile phone hands-free(optional)