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6.5"touch screen car DVD built-in TV/Radio/Amp/Card Reader
Dolby digital, DTS, Dolby Pro II surrounds
DVD/VCD/CD changer control Two-din 6.5in touch screen TFT LCD
Compatible:DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/8cm discs; SD/MMC card reading
Built-in TV,AM/FM receiver and amplifier
Electronic anti-shock, Screen position memory
Motorized display angle adjustment
Multi-channel auto-EQ setting

Real time display,CCD camera input
Volume/treble/bass/balance/fader controls
GPS Navigation System (Optional)

Power supply: 12V DC (allowed range:10.8-14.5V)
Ground connecting system: Ground-negative
Max. power consumption: 15A
Unit Size: 178*100*180mm (Width*height*depth):
Weight: 3.5kg
Screen size: 6.5inch wide /16:9 (effective displaying area: 143*79mm)
Pixel: 280,800 (1200*234)
Color TV standard : NTSC/PAL compatible
Operational temperature: -20℃~ 70℃
Storage temperature: -30℃~ 80℃
Angle adjustment: 0℃ ~ 50℃
Audio Max. power output: 52W×4
Load impedance: 4鈩(allowed arrange:4~8鈩) 
DVD player System: DVD audio/DVD video/VCD、CD、HDCD、MP4 and MP3.
Disc compatible: DVD 、VCD、CD
Channel: 2 (stereo) FM tuner
Frequency response: 87 ~ 108.0MHz
Effective sensitivity: 10dB (0.7μ/v/75鈩,Single channel, S/N:30dB)
AM tuner Frequency response: 531~1,602KHz(9KHz)
Effective sensitivity: 25μV(S/N: 20dB)
TV Receiver Frequency receivable range: 49.75MHz~863.25MHz
VHF-Low: 49.75-168.25 MHz
VHF-High: 176.25-448.25 MHz 456-863.25 MHz
UHF: 456-863.25 MHz
Receiving standard: PAL-D/K+ I
Intermediate frequency: 38.9MHz
Antenna impedance: 75 Channels storage: 100
CDC Protocol supported: Panasonic protocol
Card reading: Type supported: SD、MMC