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6.5" touch screen car DVD with TV tuner,FM,AMP
1) Touch screen control with new graphic user interface
2) Supports DVD, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 discs
3) 6.5" TFT LCD fully motorized double DIN in dash DVD player
4) Built-in TV tuner and AM / FM receiver
5) 4 x 50W high power output 6. 16:9 screen is perfect for watching movies
7) Multi-language menu display (Chinese and English)
8) Multi-system function remote with OSD
9) Horizontal / vertical / zoom display
10) PAL / NTSC auto switch
11) AUX input (able to connect with GPS navigator)
12) TFT LCD screen dimensions (W x H x D): 177.0 x 100 x 178cm
13) Viewing angle:
   a) Vertical: 105 degrees
   b) Horizontal: 130 degrees
14) Back video input, while backing the car, automatically changes to rearview lens
   and display the condition of reverse
15) Built-in DVD playing system, secure and dustproof