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9.2" car flipdown DVD with TV tuner
1.With super thin inhalation DVD, Making you operate more handy:
2.With TV function, presetting up to 256 channels, full-cover RF wire channels:
3.With AV display:
4.Playing SD/MMC saving-card content:
5.With infrared audio transmiting function:
6.With Jappan SHARP-9.4 inches TFT-LCD display screen, can change 16:9 and 4:3 display:
7.With nine language : Chinese English Russia German French
 Dutch Spanish, Portugese Italian
8.Pictures can be overturned around, and upside down :
9.Timing for sleep , turning off:
10.Full function remote controller, DVD, TV, AV function can be controlled by you
11.The viewing angle and right left rotating angle of display screen
  can be adjusted by your will
12.With roof-mounted light at right left site, make you operate more handy;